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Jan 7, 2019

Sonship Enrollment Options

Whether you're in the local area or in another part of the world.  As long as you have internet, you can enjoy class and graduate with us.  Other options include our self-paced, on-line External Course which is always open for enrollment.

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Posted by: chop

There are four programs offered in Sonship.  One of them is certian to fit your schedule and your needs.

  • Residential - Enjoy time with our instructor, Apostle Holcomb in class.  The alumni and staff are there to help you.
  • Residential/External - This program is for you if your schedule doesn't permit you to attend our scheduled classes.  You will stay on course with the current class and can view the class on-line.
  • Independent  - Sign up for this program if you are not in the local area, but still desire to stay on course with the current class and graduate together.
  • External - This program is open for enrollment all year. It is self-paced and you can graduate when you are able to finish the course.

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