Sonship School of the Firstborn | Christian House of Prayer Ministries

Course Descriptions

Course Numbering

(FGS) Firsts—Gilgal Series
(LBS) Laws—Bethel Series
(JJS) Jericho and Jordan Series

Firsts—Gilgal Series

FGS 100 Passion for What God Wants: The Precursor to Prayer

A study of the prayer of supplication as the means of tapping into the heart of God and developing a passion for God's will and His kingdom.

FGS 101 First Prayer: The Bases of Prayer

Utilizing the allegory of a baseball game, this study covers four bases of prayer, as set forth in what is commonly known as The Lord's Prayer.

FGS 102 First Fruit: Five Secrets of Living

A discovery of five secrets that lead to continual fruit bearing in our individual lives, and in one's ministry.

FGS 103 First Worship: Praise that Lifts the Banner

Explores the various facets of worship; i.e., singing, lifting of the hands, dancing, etc. Discover how doxology stems from a theology of H-i-m-ology—the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

FGS 104 First Principles: Foundational Truths

Covers the six foundational principles of the doctrine of Christ, upon which the Christian faith is built, as set forth in Hebrews 6:1-2.

FGS 105

The Beauty of Brokenness

An analysis for the continual need for brokenness, in order to effectuate the will of God in one's life.

FGS 106 First Tenth: The Revelation of Tithing

A study of the basic principles of stewardship versus ownership.

FGS 107

First Love: Developing and Unwavering Trust in Father's Love

An exploration of the extravagant love of the Father, as exemplified in the face of Christ.

FGS 108

First Faith: Four Laws of Faith

Become more intimately acquainted with the Author of your faith—Jesus—and become familiar with the person, principle, and problem of faith.

FGS 109 First Revelation: Revelation of a Difference

An explorative study on the importance of revelation versus education, as it pertains to walking with God and hearing the voice of God.

FGS 110

First Fear: Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Insight into the spirit of fear, its modus operandi, and how to halt its effects in one's life by trampling fear underfoot.

Laws —Bethel Series

LBS 110 The Sabbath: Why We Worship on Sunday

A study of the biblical basis of the Sabbath, and why we worship on Sunday.

LBS 111 Vessels in a Great House: Meet for the Master's Use

A pragmatical study of how to become vessels meet for the Master's use and prepared for every good work.

LBS 112 God's Triple "A" Church

This study examines three ingredients found in the First Century Church, that are vital to the advancing of God's kingdom in the earth today:
1. An affection for the Word of God
2. An appreciation the house of God
3. An aspiration for suffering persecution for the cause of God.

LBS 113 Church Government: Show the House to the House

Brings understanding to the God-ordained authority and order in the local church.

LBS 114 Church Health: Joints and Marrow

Provides a clear insight into the requirements for maintaining a healthy local church.

LBS 115 Ministry of Helps

Gives insight into the support elements within the local church.

LBS 116 The Perfect Father: Overcoming the Elder Brother Syndrome

Insight into the unconditional love of our heavenly Father as depicted in the biblical account of the prodigal son.

LBS 117 Free to Be Me: Discovering Your Motivational Gift

An understanding of the seven motivational gifts, set forth in Romans 12:6-8, and the diversity of impact these gifts have on the body of Christ.

LBS 118 Integrity, Principle, and Purity in the Christian Life (Pastor Bob Miller)

A pragmatical study of the systemic impact of integrity and its importance in a Christian’s life.

LBS 119

Intercession: The Third Dimension of Prayer

A study of the purpose and practice of the prayer of intercession, in the Old and New Testaments.

LBS 120

How to Get Over the Offense

A study of the power of forgiveness and how to overcome the stumbling-block of offenses.

LBS 121

The Porter's Ministry: It's Doctrine, Duty, Division and Distinction

An explorative study on the porter's ministry as a watchman over the city, and the porter's authority to bind and loose the works of darkness in order to release the kingdom of God.

Jericho and Jordan Series

JJS 122 Before and After the Call

This study evaluates how to determine the call of God on one's life, and the proper response to that call.

JJS 123 After the Proof of the Call

The biblical standard of evaluation and certification that attests to the character of the minister prior to release into ministry.

JJS 124 Equipment for the Called: Prayer and the Ministry of the Word

Concentration on a minister's prayer life and the ministry of the Word.

JJS 125 Equipment for the Called II : The Ascension Ministry of Jesus Christ

Explorative study of the ascension (five-fold) ministry of Jesus Christ as the pattern for today's five-fold ministers.

JJS 126 Toys 'R Us: Anointing Versus Gift

A study that evaluates whether you are a tool in the Lord's hands or a toy in the hands of the devil.

JJS 127 Pneumatology: The Study of the Spirit

An in-depth study of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, as it relates to daily living.

JJS 128 Pragmatics of Church Building: Biblical Groundwork for Effectuating a Healthy Church

A 'how to' manual for beginning a church or ministry.

JJS 129 S.W.A.T.—Soul-winning Action Team

Discover how to put feet to your faith through street evangelism, and learn how to witness for Jesus Christ.