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Financial Information

Sonship School of the Firstborn operates as a nonprofit, biblically based program. Students are charged a minimal fee which incorporates curriculum, administrative and enrollment fees, additional resources, etc. Every effort is made to keep costs as low as possible, while providing quality Christian studies. However, due to changing economic conditions, the School reserves the right to revise fees, as deemed necessary.

Fees and Tuition

The fees and tuition are listed on the current-year enrollment application and are payable as described.


Second Family Member Discount- All immediate family members receive a 10% tuition discount.
Alumni – Students of prior academic programs of study
(School of the Prophets or Speak The Word School of Ministry) receive a discount of 10%.

Tuition Refund

Any student contemplating withdrawal from school for any reason should first consult with the SSOTF Administration. The student may receive an honorable dismissal and any refunds due, provided the student is in good standing, has met all financial obligations to the school, and has completed all requisite forms for withdrawal. Provided the tuition has been paid in full at the time of enrollment, the following refund policy will apply:

  • Withdrawal within first week 85%
  • Withdrawal after the first week TBD
  • Withdrawal during the first 25% of the course 50%
  • Withdrawal during the second 25% of the course 30%
  • Withdrawal subsequent to completing 50% of the course is 0%

Student must officially withdraw from the course within the allotted time to receive refund.

No refund will be given on textbooks and/or study aid materials from SSOTF.

Methods of Payment

Students may pay for tuition, fees and supplemental study aids via cash, check, money order, VISA/MASTERCARD, approved scholarships or Paypal, if online payments are the mode of payment.

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