Sonship School of the Firstborn | Christian House of Prayer Ministries

From The Administrator

Dear Friend and Minister:

The Lord has charged us in Matthew 28:19, saying,

“Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples.” (CEV)

What an exciting mandate from God! Sonship School of the Firstborn is the vehicle God has designated as the means for us to make disciples of all nations, just as He commanded.

Under the unique banner of being a school in the church, we have been given a divine opportunity to serve, by enabling you, the minister, to fulfill both the vision of God for the ministry and the call of God upon your life. My goal is to aid and assist both the minister and the ministry in achieving these objectives.

We believe the unadulterated Word of God is comparable in quality to no other; therefore, it will not be compromised. Seeds sown through our mutual exchange will certainly multiply in the earth and bring forth a great harvest of souls. I look forward to the exciting years ahead. May the steadfastness and endurance of the almighty God be with you, as He stretches forth His hand of grace upon you.

In Christ,

Elder Cheryl Gary, Administrator
Sonship School of the Firstborn